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posted Dec 01, 2018 23:17:40 by jitendraraikwar43
It all started about 8 years ago, when applications like PokerShark were popular on Vkontakte,” says Denis. - I still did not understand anything, but I liked that the chips "run" back and forth. And my uncle at this time was already actively playing at PokerStars, but for my own pleasure, without thinking at all about what you can earn on it.Once we met, he asked why I didn’t play at PokerStars. But at that time I was absolutely not interested. Then I had a completely stereotypical opinion about poker: if you get involved in it, you can leave all your fortune there. But after some time, I still decided to google, is it possible to earn on this.So I came across the broadcast of the "European Poker Tour". Commentators constantly said “the player made a technical error,” “you shouldn’t play like that” and other phrases that put me in a dead end: “This is poker, what the hell can there be a technique?” But, realizing what was heard and seen, I realized that there are people who know something that I do not know yet, and this knowledge allows them to earn.

Moreover, if my capital increases or decreases, then my “working capital” also changes. I will have $ 100 on my account - I will not be able to spend more than 10 dollars a day, it will be $ 1,000 - the “turnover” will increase to $ 100. Such a flexible money management system (in poker, this is called “bankroll management”) allows me to make money.

So, in October, I finally quit my job and started earning only with poker. So far it turns out about 400 dollars a month. Those. conventionally, at the beginning of the month I have $ 500 in my account, and at the end - 900. 400 I collect for salary, and I use 500 more as capital. Compared with the average salary in the country, my income suits me. At the same time, I know that within the framework of poker, I am only at the beginning of my journey.
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